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Postby Orochireckless on Wed Dec 30, 2009 11:30 am



KOF 98 Tournament

Finally we want to hold a tournament which is good competition in collaboration with KOF TURKEY.

You all wonder how it works:

You will be placed into (Groups) according to time zones and pings, so games are lagless a possible, then each area will have its own respected tournament. Groups will exists only the countries which are from Europen. By this way it will be avaible to play eachother as well.

Read More Information :

Yes, we want to hold this, however this competition should go on acting like respectfully during the game or not. We just want that tournament which ever never happened like that before. Everyone will just wait and see the groups matches, times and everything when it is organized as well. Groups will be created drawing of lots.
The matches will be organized with times zones. So if someone don't show up for any match, then he will be losing that match.
Be the winner is ambition of all of us. Winner takes it all ha? We just want to see the power of your love to this game.

The winner will be prized as well, as for prize you can find it out in the below.


1- First of all everyone have to respect eachother during the game or after game.

2- The players have to show up at the time for their own match, if that doesn't happen, you just have five minutes after the certainlty time to show up, otherwise you will lose that match.

3- There will be some forbidden bugs which will be never used during the game (We will let you know about this) in the first time if this happen, the player only will have a warning and if that appear for second time, so the player who made that errors or bugs (Will be losing the match).

4- During the matches, it will be just a match. (NO ESCAPE) like with some characters (Athena, Mai, Choi, etc...) if you use that air move by mistake thats ok, if you keep doing that, then you will be warned.

5- All players are able to make (Infinite combos) if it possible.

6- It is also forbidden to use (EXTRA MODE) for any match, (ONLY ADVANCED SYSTEM).

Joning date : -02/01/2010-09/01/2010

Prizes :

1- Arcade console (As one person).

2- Flash Memory (2GB) + Joypad (for PC).

This Competition is supported by KOF TURKEY

Producer : Orochireckless


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