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Re: Petition to save GGPO 3S

Postby AlabhamaMan on Fri May 06, 2011 6:41 pm

Well, it's obviously a sad news for 3S...

3S on Supercade is crape, but it works fine on Arclive, the only problem is : there's nobody in it ! If Pounder wants to remove 3S, it's his call and it's too bas for us, but we still have alternative options... :(

Like everybody who plays Third Strike on GGPO, i'll obviously buy it on my PS3, but i was really hoping to keep playing it on GGPO. I mean, there's a lot of good players in it and, well, it's easier to launch the game on the computer than to grab my stick, turn on the PS3, launch the game, etc., etc...
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Re: Petition to save GGPO 3S

Postby +newegg+ on Fri May 06, 2011 8:24 pm

calm down, guys ... st10558816

The reason 3s is so bad is that there's no easy way to isolate the game state from the read-only state like sound files, graphics, etc. in Final Burn Alpha. It's all just main memory, sprite memory, etc. So the bigger the game is, the bigger the rollback, and the more horsepower you need to avoid the glitches. I think the working set of 3S is around 9 MB per frame, which means if you're running with 3 frames of rollback you're talking about over 1 GB per second of memory bandwidth just to save all that state! If you don't have a very fast computer, it's not going to work well.

Given the source code to the game, you would only save the parts which matter (position of the characters, amount of life, etc), which would only amount to a few kilobytes per frame, which is like 1000 times less data you need to save and restore, and would be easily doable.

If capcom is using ggpo for 3so, then it would be better than ggpo 3s.

The reason ST runs so much better than 3s on ggpo is because ggpo can actually store many frames for seamless rollbacks.

Just wait for 3so before you all coming after ponder for his decision to remove 3s from ggpo.
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Re: Petition to save GGPO 3S

Postby mochimoto on Fri May 06, 2011 9:50 pm

Onisura wrote:
If you would like to see 3S remain as a game playable on GGPO, post here and get your word in

I thought this thread was about putting in a word if you want 3s to stay on GGPO. Even the title says petition to save GGPO. If you dont have any words to save GGPO, then why are you posting to this thread?

The fact that there are people out there who treasure GGPO 3s enough to make a "petition" for it to stay shows a lot about the type of community that exists because of GGPO. I do not foresee the right elements coming together to create a community of this caliber with the online edition that capcom is creating. I also don't realli believe that a "petition" of this type will change much in the ways of keeping 3s ggpo available or not, but I see this as more of way for the community members of GGPO to show some pride in the community that they've grown to love and familiarize themselves with. We are all smart of enough to understand the logistics of why GGPO 3s will probably be lost when online edition comes out, and thats why the thread is titled "petition to save ggpo 3s" and not "why is ggpo 3s going down after OE comes out?"

Trying to explain why are efforts for making a petition is a lost cause for whatever reason is asinine. We care about coming together as a community and voicing our opinion on saving something that has brought a lot of us some realli fun times and some realli great friends.

If you want to talk about how we need to calm down or how 3s ggpo sucks or explain how ST runs so great and 3s doesnt, then post to a thread where that is relevant. This is a thread for positive words to keep 3s ggpo, not words to bring it down.
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Re: Petition to save GGPO 3S

Postby blk_brotha on Fri May 06, 2011 10:33 pm

Just Save GGPO in general, I need to play KOF and it's here to stay A.S.A.P and save 3s GGPO too :D

peace out cUDDY 8-)

-Ahrmon Rudolph

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Re: Petition to save GGPO 3S

Postby MGear1 on Sun May 08, 2011 3:09 am

Umm, ditto. Not much else to add that hasn't been said already.
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Re: Petition to save GGPO 3S

Postby Balbars on Sun May 08, 2011 8:17 pm

Maaaaaaaaaan, just as I was starting to get good at it as well.

If it comes to PC then I will have no qualm but screw buying a console to play one freaking game. I am guessing that theres a few players that fall into this catergory of only liking one or two games also.

No offence to Damdai but 3s on Supercade is unplayable my end (hopefully it's still a work in progress) and I dont really like any other beat em ups apart from ST so if this one goes then...meh.

I'd donate money to keep 3s going on GGPO but against Capcoms offer, a small amount of donations is not really gonna sway things. Maybe Ponder could use some form of blackmail to get Capcom guarantee a release on PC...?

Other than the above, nothing else to add. The fact that I have gotten off my arse and made a post on the forum hopefully shows the magnitude of my concern over this. 8-)


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Re: Petition to save GGPO 3S

Postby abeginner21 on Mon May 09, 2011 12:20 am

I know I'm shitty at this game but I just can't play Supercade, I rape everyone. The only people I lose to are GGPO players. It's fucking sad.

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Re: Petition to save GGPO 3S

Postby koko on Mon May 09, 2011 2:59 am

abeginner21 wrote:I know I'm shitty at this game but I just can't play Supercade, I rape everyone. The only people I lose to are GGPO players. It's fucking sad.


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Re: Petition to save GGPO 3S

Postby SpoR on Mon May 09, 2011 5:41 am

First off I just want to say, I never even heard of 3s until about 2004-2005 when someone on posted the infamous Diago parry video. I never had a console or bought anything from Capcom. Because of this game and ggpo, I bought SF4 for PC. Originally I was a competitive SC:BW player (and somewhat of a wc3 player, now sc2) and I never had access to consoles to play any fighting games so I would just watch some videos here and there of 3s.

In 2007, the cps3 emulator came out and I played the shit out of this game vs computer. I heard about GGPO a year or so later and I've been hooked ever since.
I have no console and will never buy one. Even if I did, it would be a used Wii that I can hack and burn all the games to a drive or discs or whatever. This is because I am poor, but also because I don't care about console gaming. The online games are always worse (lag, poor designed interface, etc),
kb/mouse > controller (I have an arcade stick so this doesn't really apply to this game, but I'm not going to go out and buy a system for 1 game that I can already play on the computer because I will never play FPS, RTS, or Fighting games on console.). The only reason I even bought a stick was because It was BOGO back in 11/2010 and my friend went in on it with me. I didn't even have the money for it, I worked the debt off by helping him build things and move things for him over the course of a few weeks. Why? Because I love 3s on GGPO, It's gotten to the point where It's become part of my top 3 multiplayer competitive games of all time.

Besides my own plight or opinions, I can agree that there won't be THIS ggpo community we have now for 3s anymore. Even right now that the korean DOS attacks have been putting ggpo down for extended periods of time off and on since 12/2010? we have all really lost our sense of community and competitive outlet that we won't or can't get anywhere else. The only arcade I can get to around here is Alex's arcade, who has 1 machine and no one ever there to play it. Besides, arcades are dying in the USA in general. We lost AI? and Chinatown Fair recently and games these days aren't even making it to arcade versions anyways (MvC3, MK9, etc.)

To summarize, I am already really saddened by the whole DOS attack situation. And if I heard it will never be coming back again for PC, I'd just sell my stick and never look back. We are a small community (I'm sure it's probably much less than 1000 worldwide) here that the majority of us have already paid well into capcom's and ggpo's pockets via donations or quarters at arcades . And the majority of us won't be buying a console and/or the game just to keep playing, they'll just move on to something else. So it is my opinion that it is actually in Capcom's and GGPO's best interest to leave this going because you will actually lose a ton of respect/credibility in the future based on this one careless/greedy move. I know I won't be buying anything from Capcom and say fuck GGPO for as long as I live if this were to happen, and I'm sure I will be one of many.

PS- SF4 on PC via windows live is so fucking annoying for so many reasons, I won't even play that as a replacement. SF3 >>>>> SF4 anyways.
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Re: Petition to save GGPO 3S

Postby Lain. on Mon May 09, 2011 11:18 am

Ok, this is really bad news even though I haven't been on ggpo for a while because of the semester/work being rough..

If you actually think removing 3s from ggpo is going to garner you anymore profit than you already have you are quite mistaken, and fuck you for that im not gonna plead anything. The people on ggpo are there because they are part of the niche that enjoys the game over everything else out there. So, obviously they will be buying 3sOE if they can afford a console.

So, all you really are doing is removing the community aspect of ggpo, and forcing people to join all the retard mashers on Xbox live. The lobby and the whole arcade "atmosphere" you get from GGPO is what separates it from console fighters. It's what makes it entertaining to log onto. Yes, a lot of trolling went on, and guess what? That was still an entertaining aspect of the community and its what made it fun to not even play for long periods of time and enjoy each others bullshit. There was also a wealth of information communicated in the lobby, and veterans/"pros" were able to communicate new tactics, disseminate information to everyone which raises the skill level of the community. Now, we are all going to be forced to play mashers online from SFIV, which isn't going to improve anyones skill level and there's not going to be as much of a community without the help of SRKs shitty forum. All you do is make the community more insular this way in my opinion, because xbox live is a very depersonalized experience even more so than ggpo.

so im not gonna say please, im just gonna say fuck you..enjoy your $20 or whatever you're gonna charge for it.
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