What is it?

GGPO is a networking library that game developers can use to add networked gameplay support to arcade style games. GGPO's latency hiding techniques give each player a gameplay experience that is nearly indistinguishable from playing with their friends locally, even against players around the world.

How does it work?

GGPO uses a peer-to-peer topology to run a complete copy of your game for each player, transmitting controller inputs over the network to keep these copies in sync. Each player's inputs are sent to their copy of the game without having to wait for their opponent's to arrive over the network.

If the simulations diverge, GGPO rolls back to the most recent accurate state, corrects the mistake, and jumps back to the current frame, all before the player can notice. This provides the illusion of lag-free gameplay.

How does it perform?

Thousands of gamers are already using GGPO to play classic, old school fighting games against opponents around the world. GGPO's latency hiding techniques maintain the illusion of lag-free gameplay even during intercontinental play.

Can I try it out?

Absolutely! Click the "Try It!" button to get started.